The best online casinos with wms slots building project

Our online casinos with WMS slots project

One of the most fun projects Stratford projects did, was building the office for a company that owns a couple online casinos. They wanted the best, biggest and most fun workplace in the industry.
Let me first tell you more about the online casinos and what they exactly do.
There are a lot of online casinos in the industry, but only a couple of them exceed. To attract new players you have to have good bonuses and the most important bonus of all is the welcome bonus. If you don’t have a good welcome offer, the player will choose for another casino.
Most players like free stuff. What attracts players the most are the no deposit bonuses. You can think of getting free spins on different slot machines without making a deposit. You will receive the free spins when you register at the casino. This is a great treat to help you get familiar with the casino and try different games. Some casinos may limit their free spins for play at certain slot machines, but it is all for free. So you can’t really complain about it, right?

Let me get back to the company that owns a couple of casinos. They mainly offer wms slot games online. These slot games are a bit different from the popular video slots. These wms slot games include most of the time big figures and untraditional placing of elements on the monitor. Some classic wms games include Spartacus, Wizard of Oz, Zeus, Monopoly and Alice in Wonderland.

These casinos did won the best online casinos with no deposit bonuses at one of the Igaming awards last year. This price is one of the biggest you can win in the industry, so the owners were very dedicated to make them the most trustworthy casino and create the most fun workplace. We brainstormed a lot and came up with a lot of ideas and eventually we came to an agreement to build the most awesome building you can work in!