Historical sites

As Aforementioned London and in particular the district of Stratford is a historical minefield and a stroll through Stratford Broadway offers visitors with a distinct as well as the impressive sight of the city’s historical icons. For example, the spire of St John the Evangelist Church a unique decorative Gothic-styled spire built in 1832. Its beauty is reminiscent of the mid-Victorian taste of architecture; consequently, it remains as not only a city treasure but also an artifact reflecting the city’s past crusade history. Additionally, the church is also known as a memorial for the 1556 Stratford Martyrs. Another historical site to visit is the ‘Cathedral of the East End’ in West Ham. This is one of Stratford’s oldest building estimated to be at least 1,000 years old. The church is a one of a kind architectural and archaic marvel that is a must-see for any visitors but also a treasure for the locals.

Cultural sites

The house mill is Britain’s First as well as the largest tidal wave mill still in existence today. Originally constructed in 1776 this building is found along the canal on river Lea and is one of the eight mills used to grind grain by bakers during the early industrial era. The house mill was once destroyed by an inferno in the 18th century; however, years of restorative processes that included the repair of its internal machinery have seen the building get back its original set up.

Stratford high street also hosts London’s largest TV as well as film production studios, the Three Mills Studios. Director, Danny Boyle, developed the famous 2012 Olympic ceremony at the Three Mills Studios.


London is an entertainment hub and has been since the 15th century when the city hosted a variety of classical performances presented by its Roman founders. The City’s entertainment profile has been augmented by the city’s current global ora that has seen global celebrities visit and perform in the capital. Stratford’s hosts a variety of vibrant entrainment spots in the East district as well as London in general with its principal attraction being the Theatre Royal and Stratford Circus. This facility is a dynamic ultramodern theater that features both new and traditional plays as well as musical. The Royal Stratford East’s work is significant as it is a representation of contemporary Britain. Since its establishment, the facility has seen emerging artist, showcase their talents to a large population of both locals and visitors a factor that has propelled their careers. Additionally, the Theatre Royal’s bar is also popular with individuals who may be interested in alternative live music to complement their night. Stratford Circus located on Theatre Square is another entertainment hub that hosts a variety of shows from comedy to burlesque shows. As an incentive to engage the masses, artists are known to offer circus and theatre classes in addition to dance workshops. For a big screen shows, Stratford Picture-house found in the Cultural Quarter offers a unique platform that features a stadium themed 3D projection cinema, which has seen a multitude of visitors flock the establishment to enjoy its intimate environment. The Cinema is also well stocked with foods and drinks that enhance their experiences whilst watching big screen latest must-see.

Stratford also hosts a variety of entertainment children hot spots such as Discover Children’s Story Centre, as well as the Tumbling Bay Adventure Playground and Timber Lodge.


Since the turn of the 21st century, London has progressively become a global shopping destination. One of the largest and luxurious stores that offer all kinds of quality products for the locals ranging from electronic appliances to groceries. Nevertheless, the true shopping Jewel is found at Stratford. The Westfield Shopping Center is the Mecca of retailing considering that it is one of the largest shopping malls in Europe hosting stores in excess of 250 subsequently attracting more than 250 million shoppers on an annual basis. Regardless of your shopping needs, whether you may be in need of a high street designer fashion boutique or taste of London’s best in interior design in home appliances, the Westfield Shopping Center is an all under one roof mall. The mall has a variety of high-street favorites, as well as a local Sainsbury’s for your daily essentials. To make things better, at the center of the mall exists the holy grail of modern entertainment in the form of a 17-screen Vue Cinema, All-Star Lane 1950’s themed bowling alley, and the largest Aspers Casino in the UK that works 24 hours every day. To explore each inch of the mall will take a shopper up to three days a factor that shows how significant the food court is other than the delicious foods that are served within the premise.