The 2012 Olympic Games saw Stratford become one of the most active sites in terms of new projects. For most cities that have previously hosted the Olympic Games the premise of continued regeneration after the games is usually impractical. Nevertheless, Stratford has seen significant growth in the poorer or undeveloped areas through additional investment projects thanks to For instance, it became apparent that large-scale developments such The International Quarter attract regeneration particularly when it comes to the increase in the existence of commercial property in Stanford. Large corporate entities such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Legal & General and Deutsche Bank are some of the many businesses that have opted to take up spaces in Stratford with their investments accumulating to £600 million over the last two years. As a result, the companies have created up to 40,000 new jobs in addition to 10,000 houses that are expected to be finished before the year 2020. However, this is a single project and there is a need for more investment a factor that explains as follows.

In 2005, the housing values within Stratford, particularly around the park, were estimated at £171,085, current market prices indicate a 71% rise. The average house prices are placed at £293,105. These prices are expected to increase over the coming years, a factor that was echoed by both the University College London (UCL) as well as The University of the Arts London in 2016 through their new culture and higher education project at Queen Elizabeth Park. The project is set to attract an estimated 2.8 billion pounds in commercial value as it is set to attract more than 1.5 million extra visitors and investors to Stratford and it’s surrounding. has gone further across the pond in the USA attracting foreign investors to join the investment wave at Stratford. For a fact, the influx of visitors, students, as well as investors have clearly indicated the need for new real estate and additional amenities. Through there are future plans to build up to 10 ultramodern museum and art galleries which are currently not available at the moment. Additionally, there are plans to increase cultural eateries such as Halal, Greek, Chines restaurants, as well as bistros that are set to increase the social profile at Stratford.