Nederlandse Forex Brokers Working On A New Building Project

Stratford Projects is always looking for fun new projects and opportunities. Recently we visited the network event called the Forex & Crypto Meeting located in the city of London. The goal of our attendance during this event was to get introduced to new Forex brokers and the network of International online traders. We were very curious about new developments and the establishment of online trading companies and got ourselves informed about the current process and innovations. During the Forex & Crypto Meeting we got in touch with a group of Nederlandse Forex brokers that traveled all the way to London in order to attend the event. Because of the expansion of their current office, the Nederlandse Forex brokers were extremely interested in the construction of a new office space.

Building new offices is what we do best at Stratford Projects and the ideas of this particular group immediately got our attention. After the conference we decided to discuss all the ideas and the project over dinner. Just like other projects we did, the brokers wanted us to build the best, biggest and most fun workplace in the center of London. They believed in sustainability, which was a really nice aspect of their request. As a project builder, we always aim for sustainable solutions and eco friendly products. The meeting went great and apparently we shared the same ideas about the perfect workplace, which is always a big asset when it comes to collaborations and new projects. The papers are contracts are now signed and soon we will start with the construction work of our new project in central London. The concept of the new office is all based on sustainability, consciousness, fun and healing. We have created a plant-based environment and integrated this element in the concept.

The estimated delivery date of the new project would be by the end of the year. We are now still working on the final concept and drawing phase. The Nederlandse Forex Brokers are really excited about this project as well, also because this will be a new collaborative start of many Dutch online trading companies in the UK. A total of three different companies will eventually move into the new office building. The healing environment within this building will motivate staff to embrace positive vibes, feel happy and to work in a place where they feel appreciated. We will work with many healing plants and parfums to increase the production in the office in a very positive way. Together we can create the ultimate feel-good office where employees feel supported and comfortable at all times. These kind of projects are our most favorite ones, since the these kind of office spaces can actually make a difference to our world and how we look at work environments. If you are interested about our previous projects, please take a look at our website and portfolio. Curious about what we can do for your company? Do not hesitate to us in order to discuss all the possibilities, based on your corporate visions and available budget.