Etoro UK Sponsors New Shopping Small

Over the years, London has growth to a global shopping destination for a lot of locals and tourists. This growth resulted in the expansion of large and luxurious stores throughout the entire city. The Westfield Shopping Center is one of the most popular shopping centers in the Stratford district, but now it looks like the mall will face an interesting competitor. The online trading company Etoro UK, who is now currently operating in London, announced their sponsorship in regards to the development of a new and unique shopping experience. This new so-called experience will allow visitors to enjoy much more elements while shopping in their favorite stores. These elements will be divided in several categories, all gathered and implemented in one location. Soon, the construction of the new shopping mall will begin, meaning that the estimated opening of this shopping center will be by the end of this year.

The new shopping mall will be included with an experiment, based on the customer experience and behavior. The plan is to integrate a cafe or restaurant in every store, so that customers will be able to take a break from shopping and relax a little bit. This will improve the sales of products, since it affects the state of mind and emotions of every customer. By providing the ultimate customer support and experience, the customer will eventually stay longer in every store. This will increase the total profit of every store, which is beneficial for every entrepreneur and business owner in this shopping mall. Regardless of the shopping needs, every customer will experience the same relaxing atmosphere while entering this new mall. Etoro UK requested the board for the collaboration with local architects and designers. This would give an extra cultural boost to the Stratford area.

Some of the biggest retailers already showed their interest in the new shopping district and already announced their future plans. Brands like Victoria Secret, H&M and Zara released some details about their integration in the mall on social media. On the platforms like Twitter and Instagram you can already find some sneak peeks in regards to drawings, store concepts and planning. Not only will this shopping mall offer space to well known brands, but also local brands from the city. Small retailers will have to chance to display their work and products in the mall as well, which will give the economy and local businesses a major boost.

With this new shopping mall, the government of London hopes to increase the profit of this area by bringing more tourists to this particular district. Besides the stores, the mall will also be included with a spectacular food court. Thanks to the collaboration with many restaurants and food trucks, the food court will be designed in a way that you haven’t experienced before. More information about the construction work, concept drawings and 3d visualisations will soon be released on this website. Keep a close eye on all of our social media channels to be updated about the process at all times.