Blackjack Direct Online Spelen Planning on New Casino in Stratford

Blackjack direct online spelen, the online gambling company that is known for their International services recently announced their upcoming project in the district of Stratford. The online casino is planning to start a land-based casino in London’s famous district and has already started with the constructions and building plans. The land-based casino will be the first casino in this area with more than 30 Blackjack tables. The people of London are known for their interests in Blackjack and Blackjack direct online spelen has decided to expand their interests by offering a physical gambling experience. This is something that was still missing in Stratford, a hotspot with entertainment and gambling facilities. By opening a casino, Stratford can become a lively surrounding.

The company always had a clear focus on the online industry, but since they wanted to expand their business in other ways, they have chosen Stratford as their next project. The Stratford district offers a lot of business opportunities, so it wasn’t a real surprise that more and more companies have moved to this location. The land-based casino doesn’t have a name yet, but the owner of Blackjack direct online spelen already told the newspaper that the name will be related to the Blackjack game and will refer to the magical world of casino. Let’s keep the word magical in mind, because we already believe it will be enchanting. The company always wanted to be known for their Blackjack games and this is also what we can expect from the land-based casino as well.

Most people find it very odd that an online casino expand their business by setting up a land-based casino. Most of the time, it’s the other way around. Blackjack direct Online spelen is a good running online casino and was already looking for more opportunities. They wanted to stay in this industry and wanted to keep their gambling related services as well. The delivery date of the casino building is estimated by the end of this year. The company already announced that this casino will be way different from their current business and will contain an unique concept. This concept has never been executed before, which is very refreshing for a district like Stratford.

The business opportunities within Stratford are growing everyday and there are more projects coming their way. There are more plans to create more entertaining hotspots in the centre of the district, in order to spread the tourism. Since the city of London is getting more and more crowded, the city needs to offer more activities around the city center. In that case, tourist will not only stick in the crowded streets of London, but will be traveling to other parts of London as well. Stratford is still in its building process, but things are definitely looking great for this area. Blackjack direct online spelen already started with the promotion for their new casino and will announce its official name during the next Stratford city event, which will be by the end of August.